Walleye fishing

A confrontation with a walleye!

Two of our 135 lakes are reserved exclusively for the indigenous walleye, in addition to 42km of private river. The best fish there is, naturally grown in quality water areas, that’s what Pourvoirie Mekoos has to offer. Get to your reels!

Dreaming about it?
Then do it now!

Fishing fans are crazy about walleye! In our Hautes-Laurentides paradise, we offer an unforgettable walleye fishing experience. Silence, two private lakes, magnificent views and a quality catch. What more could you ask for on a fishing trip?

Walleye fishing at Mekoos

  • From 21th May to 30th November 2021
  • Limited to 3 per person
  • Allowed size: 37 to 53cm
  • Recommended lures and bait: leeches, small swimming fish imitating shiners, earthworms, crayfish
Pêche aux dorés jaune à la Pourvoirie Mekoos