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Where peace reigns!

Fishing at Pourvoirie Mekoos is perfect for restoring your inner peace.

The only disturbance is the fish nibbling at your hook. Private lake, time to yourself fishing for speckled and brook trout, walleye and pike.

A lake all to yourself

Fishing at Pourvoirie Mekoos is a moment of happiness and the promise of a great catch! Our incredible lands contain over 135 lakes where you can find a wide variety of different fish dangling from your line: brook trout, lake trout, walleye and pike, all native, no restocking. Winter is also a great time to practice your favourite winter hobby on the magnificent Lake Iroquois.

At Mekoos, there’s often only one launch at a time on an expanse of water, which guarantees peaceful fishing. What is more, on the main site, those fishing have access to a hut with running water and a mosquito net for cleaning their catch.

A custom fishing package

There are several packages to choose from and we also offer custom fishing packages. At Pourvoirie Mekoos, our aim is to give you the fishing holiday you deserve.

Enjoy our quality accommodation

Pourvoirie Mekoos has 11 chalets that blend old-world charm with modern comforts. Our chalets can host 2 to 6 people, they’re equipped with everything you need: combined wood and gas stove, fridge, hot water tank, bathroom, fitted kitchen.