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Moose hunting

A moose conquest!

Come and experience your own moose conquest in a vast territory of healthy, undisturbed forest land. Mekoos guarantees exceptional hunting Quebec’s largest game!

Moose hunting

Respecting the wildlife at Pourvoirie Mekoos is hugely important for our team, so year after year we check that we a preserving a fair balance of moose population. Hunting only takes place for one week so we can manage the wildlife well. This also ensure’s prized game for our hunting fans.

A warm welcome, professional guides and quality services, everything is done to ensure your stay us an unforgettable hunting adventure. Take a look at our customisable moose hunting packages and get in touch now to see why Mekoos is different.

Moose hunting package: quality with no compromises

Mekoos offers an exclusive territory for your moose hunt, you’ll have an area covering a minimum of 15km2, for a stay of 8 days and 7 nights in quality accommodation at the Inn or in one of our fully equipped chalets.

  • Minimum group size 4
  • Meals available on an American plan
  • Covered and raised hides
  • Meat refrigerated
  • Bedding and dishes
  • BBQ on site