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Small game hunting for everyone!

Partridges, snowshoe hare, spruce grouse and more

Watching and hunting them in their natural habitat makes for a great time in the forest. A great way to introduce your children to hunting. They’ll go crazy for this new experience!

A favourite spot to discover

Our 500 kilometres of roads and trails offer stunning walks, each with its own little story and one of a kind small game hunts. Follow in the footsteps of many professional hunters and opt for the Mekoos team’s welcome and quality service for your hunting expeditions for ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare or spruce grouse.

The Laurentians is the perfect place for small game hunting, with a limit of 25 hunters on our land at any one time. Nos clients have a great time! We have modern, easy to use equipment for preparing the small game you catch.

Small game hunting packages: Quality without compromise

Mekoos offers a private small game hunt area of 346km2 for a minimum 2-day stay in quality accommodation at the Inn or in one of our fully equipped chalets.

  • Meals available on an American plan
  • Bedding and tablewear
  • BBQ
La chasse aux petits gibiers, une belle activité disponible à la Pourvoirie Mekoos