Brook trout fishing

Go head to head with a brook trout!

A privilege offered at Pourvoirie Mekoos! Our concern for good wildlife management means you can tempt this indigenous fish in 127 of our 135 lakes.

A fisherman’s favourite!

Also known as a speckled trout, the brook trout from Pourvoirie Mekoos is much appreciated by fishing experts for several reasons: it taste good, has good quality skin, it’s found in healthy lakes, we have spawning beds created specifically for this breed. Simply exceptional!

Brook trout fishing at Mekoos

  • From 7th May to 12th September 2021
  • Limited to 10 per person
  • Recommended bait and lure: standard and spinning spoon, artificial fly and small swimming fish, earthworms
Fishing for all, Brook trout - speckled trout Pourvoirie Mekoos