Ice fishing

We always enjoy our summers in boats trying to hook the catch of the day while basking in the sun, but we also love our winters here in the Upper Laurentians. The winter allows us to practice a unique sport; ice fishing. Fishing; the summer and winter activity here at the Mekoos.

Tracing the fish under the ice

Even if the lakes are frozen, nothing will stop us from taking out our fishing lines to hook some fish. Once the ice is at least 15 centimeters thick, we can practice the joys of ice fishing in a safe environment. At Mekoos Outfitters we have everything to ensure your safety and comfort. Your pleasure is guaranteed!

While watching our fishing lines bob up and down or between catches, we can keep warm and heat up alongside a nice warm fire in our wood cabins. Ice fishing, the perfect activity to enjoy with family and friends.

Consult our different winter package rates to enjoy the snowy season!

Ice Fishing rates

Ice Fishing Price
Only fishing 50$ + tx / day
Fishing, equipment and five holes
Permit not included
80$ +tx / day